Mission Statement: The aim of the Balbriggan Summerfest is to promote the town of Balbriggan and build on its civic and community spirit. We want to encourage community and family involvement in a safe and fun environment combining music, sport and traditional family activities.

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We hope that you enjoyed the summerfest and we would like to hear your feeback - please email any feedback to the committee by sending an email to info@balbriggansummerfest.com or simply copy and paste the email address above into your email account and send us an email

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balbriggan_summerfest_logo_largerIt is with great disappointment that we have had to make the decision not to run Balbriggan Summerfest 2020.

We promise you that once we come through this difficult time, and we will, we will be planning to bring you your festival once again where we can come together as a community and enjoy quality time with our friends and families.

We wish you all good health over the coming weeks, mind yourselves and each other, from your Summerfest Committee, Gary, Wayne, Brian, Grainne, Shannon, Kara, Niamh and Fiona.

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